Tempura batter mixture
Tempura sauce
Prawn: raw and large
Any seafoods will do
For vegetables I prefer pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, eggplant, mushroom, broccoli, but you can use any vegies as long as it is edible :-)

Cooking Procedure:
1. Remove the head and the shell of the prawn.
2. Make little cuts on the inside of the curved prawn since they look nicer if their posture is straight.
3. Cut the vegetables in about 1cm thick pieces and you can use whole mushrooms.
4. Mixtures: Cut various ingredients in small pieces and mix them together, eg. green onion, prawn and carots.
5. Mix Tempura flour with the amount of water described on the package. Do not mix it completely, but leave some small lumps in it.
6. Cover all the ingredients completely with the batter.
7. Mix also the mixtures made of the small cut ingredients with batter, and try to deep fry it together. Don’t let them fall apart in all the pieces.
8. Deep fry at 180 degrees celsius. Be sure that all ingredients were dried, because the water would react strongly with the hot oil, which may harm your skin or eyes.
9. When the Tempura pieces are beautifully golden, take them out, and try to remove as much oil as possible.

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